In their school's signed agreement, the Principal commits to spending QATSIF QCE Scholarship funds for the educational benefit of each individual scholarship recipient.

The QATSIF QCE Scholarship may only be used towards costs incurred during the scholarship period and may not be used to cover past debts from before the scholarship period.

The Scholarship may only be applied towards:

  • Compulsory school fees

  • A maximum contribution of $300 toward either computer hire levies or the purchase of an IT Device. (# see notes below)

  • QCE subject and technology levies

  • QCE related excursions and camps

  • Industry visits

  • University and Careers expos.

  • Compulsory school uniforms

  • One Senior Jersey

  • School shoes

  • One Formal/Graduation ticket

  • TAFE VET placement

  • Stationery

  • Textbooks

Examples of items for which the QATSIF funding cannot be used

  • P&F fees

  • Capital building levies

  • Repairs or replacement of computers, laptops or similar devices

  • Staff wages

  • Tutoring

  • Travel to and from school

  • Co-curricular activities unrelated to QCE

  • Boarding fees

  • Weekend activity costs

  • Toiletries and personal items

  • Sporting representation

  • Tuckshop expenses

  • Past fees, costs and charges from previous years.


# Computer hire levy / IT device purchase

    Schools, QATSIF students and their parents / carers need to be aware that QATSIF:

  • is willing to contribute a maximum of $300 (across the entire 2 year QATSIF QCE Scholarship period) toward the costs of either a computer hire levy or the purchase of an IT device where the use of such a device is approved by the school and necessary to enable the student to complete curriculum activities.

  • will not fund repairs, damage or replacement of these IT devices and will not contribute to any costs associated with this.

  • directs that any IT devices hired or purchased are for the exclusive use of the individual QATSIF QCE Scholarship student and remain the property and responsibility of the hirer and /or student.

  • is not responsible for either the inappropriate or illegal use of these IT devices.

  • supports that all school rules, appropriate usage guidelines and school agreements apply to QATSIF students just as they do to all other students.