QATSIF Ambassadors

Calling all past QAtsif students

On November 25, 2018 QATSIF celebrated its 10th Anniversary.  Across our 10 year journey, QATSIF has provided around $16M to support 8,700 young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders to gain their QCEs (Queensland Certificate of Education) and hopefully a brighter future. 

Are you one of our past QATSIF students?  We would love to hear what you are doing now and to continue to share information about current events and opportunities.  We are also keen to invite our QATSIF Alumni to share their experiences with the current generation of QATSIF students at our QATSIF events throughout the year. 

Please email us at with your:

  • name (including your surname at school if it has changed)

  • current town (for invitations to events)

  • current role or study

If you would like to share your journey with our younger students, please also include a brief bio to tell us more about you.

Make sure that you follow QATSIF on our social media pages (below) as we regularly share post-school employment, study and scholarship opportunities.