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Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation 


The Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation, known as QATSIF, is an independent public trust established to provide young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders with a secure funding source to assist students in their senior years of education.


Education is an important part of a solid foundation for employment and better quality of life; but it is a resource not easily accessed by many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people. QATSIF was established to give Queensland's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families increased educational choices and life opportunities. By providing financial support, QATSIF will help turn around inter-generational legacies of past policies and practices, and help 'close the gap' in educational and employment outcomes.

QATSIF's initial capital was created through the toil of previous generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders. This capital has been invested by QATSIF's Trustee, the Public Trustee of Queensland, and the annual interest provides an income stream for scholarships and bursaries. In this way, the toil of previous generations will directly benefit the generations that follow, and with additional financial support from the wider community, QATSIF will be enabled to stand as a permanent and positive legacy for the future.



Round 7 Applications have now closed. To see a list of successful schools, please click here.

Schools are encouraged to phone the QATSIF office on (07) 3257 1777 if you have any enquiries.


“Due to the support of QATSIF, Orrick Sturt was able to take advantage of the many opportunities afforded to students. Having the QATSIF scholarship meant that Orrick could concentrate on his schooling. Orrick went on to become a Finalist in the North Queensland Training Awards”  – Staff Member, Kirwan State High School

Your donation to QATSIF could enable other young Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to succeed as Orrick has.

Please contact QATSIF or make direct contact with:

The Public Trustee
PO Box 1449
Brisbane QLD 4001

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Are you a QATSIF student or graduate? Has your QATSIF scholarship helped you through your studies? Are you enjoying a successful career and/or experiences following graduation?

Whatever it is, we would love to hear your story! Your stories help us engage donors with what we do so we can continue to provide scholarships to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in the future.

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