We know that we will go on and do great things...

Dear Aunty Ruth and the QATSIF Board…

This year, we invited our Year 12s to write a letter of thanks to Aunty Ruth and the QATSIF Board for the support provided by our QATSIF Scholarships.  These are some selected quotes from the letters.  NB* Some student names are not shared as their stories are deeply personal and deserve to remain private:

I know that when I was awarded the scholarship, it created a sense of pride in myself and my achievements. We all agree that having the scholarship and maintaining the requirements to qualify, has helped us to stay on track with our studies – providing us with the encouragement we often needed when our motivation levels needed a boost.  Jessica Milward and Raylene Smith - Harristown State High School

This scholarship helped to pay for my school fees and attend multiple school camps, all of which helped me to decide my future path……This helped me to decide what I wanted to do in the future and which university I would go to. Thank you very much.  Malyce McKeon - Emerald SHS

I appreciate the opportunity that has been given to allow me to reach my full potential, just like all the other students at my school. This scholarship has reminded me that anything is possible if I continue persisting, striving for excellence. The scholarship has encouraged me even more to continue to work hard so that the end result, my goals in the future of becoming a veterinary surgeon, can be reached, no matter what difficulties lie in my way. Once again, thank you.

I would like to thank the QATSIF Board for recognising my ancestors’ struggles as Australia's first people and allowing me to achieve things they could only dream of. It has had a significant impact on my high school journey and has inspired me to pursue a career in social justice in the hope that one day, I too, can give back to our deadly community.  San Sisto College students

The funds which my family were fortunate enough to receive through the QATSIF scholarship have assisted me to pursue my studies over the last two years. This support has been greatly appreciated as it has allowed me to reach my academic potential.  I understand the hardships of the many Aboriginal people of Queensland in years gone by and for me to receive these funds has been an enormous privilege from which I have benefited and I am truly grateful.  Jordana Wood – Mt Alvernia College

I’d like to pay my respects to the people who went through the Stolen Wages.  This program has supported my education and family.    Tiara Villarin – Wavell State High School.

Dear Aunty Ruth, we have learnt beyond the imaginable just through listening to your stories.  We know that we will go on and do great things because you have inspired us.  Your assistance in promoting Indigenous culture has enabled us to further boost the involvement within the College, and we couldn’t thank you enough for being such an amazing advocate and role model.  Ellen Archer, Chloe Bailey, Ruby Henaway, Shontaya Jackson and Keara Parsons – Mt Alvernia College

I luckily received this scholarship at a time when my family was experiencing severe financial problems and my dad was not getting paid at all by his work.  Therefore I appreciate the money from the Stolen Wages being used for the QATSIF Scholarship.  This money allowed me to buy new shoes when mine broke…to go to my school’s formal and buy all of the books and stationery I needed for school.  Brisbane student.

As the result of receiving the QATSIF Scholarship, I decided to complete a Certificate 3 in Allied Health Assistance….I will be able to use this certificate when I finish school.  It also helped out with other school things such as textbooks, uniforms and the formal.  I was very lucky to receive the QATSIF Scholarship.  Thank you.  Jenalee Myers – Wavell State High School

The QATSIF Scholarship has given me a great advantage and appreciation of my education, whilst also providing my family and myself with some financial stability.  You have also provided me with great support over my school leadership which I hope improves Indigenous leadership in society.  Nathaniel Te Tau – Wavell State High School

The QATSIF Scholarship has helped me through Year 11 & 12 in so many ways. It also has made less stress for my mum since she is a single mum and foster carer with 8 children.  Without this scholarship, I wouldn’t have been able to be involved in my Year 12 formal and receive my senior jersey and for that I would like to say thank you.  Brisbane student.

The Scholarship has helped financially with my family paying for school fees and has helped me personally because it feels good knowing that I am on track.  Dakiota Bond – Kawana Waters State College

Sincere thanks for your ongoing support of our Indigenous girls. QATSIF provides great financial support and advantage for many of our students, and the girls take seriously their commitment to do themselves and the foundation proud through their efforts in their senior schooling. I admire the efforts of all involved in the foundation and commend you for respectfully acknowledging the work of our nation's First People during a sad time in this country's history. By 'paying it forward' by means of QATSIF scholarships, you are not only honouring the story, but providing a great legacy and link to the past. In addition, you are investing in our students to work towards a hope-filled future. Congratulations for the work that you do. Sharon Collins (Principal) – St Saviour’s College

Thanks for the support given to us in completing our senior schooling. Very much appreciated.  Kayla Frazer, Shania-Marie Lohmann and Joey Hanney - Gordonvale State High School

Dear Aunty Ruth, we are writing this letter of acknowledgement to you for your services for us students of Murgon High and to the surrounding communities. Our students of Murgon High say thank you for your ongoing support for us for the past 5 years. We also want to thank you for your commitment towards our Indigenous students and that we respect you in many ways in being a driving force for QATSIF to happen.  On behalf of the QATSIF students of Murgon High and the community of Cherbourg again we say thank you for all that you do, and for the future. QATSIF students /staff of Murgon State High School

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you and QATSIF have done for me over the past two years. This Scholarship has really helped me in school with getting uniforms and many other school supplies. I am truly grateful for all you’ve done. Thanks. Jena Billy – Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to receive the QATSIF scholarship.  This scholarship has helped me in my final two years of high school.  This scholarship has not just helped me but also helped my family, as we are a single income family.  My Mum does so much for me and my two brothers and with this scholarship, she has been less stressed with making sure I had everything I needed to make my marks the best I could do.  She is always encouraging me to strive for the best marks I could get.  I have had the opportunity to also do a head start and Enhanced Study program while completing Grade 12.  I am striving to get into University to study Architecture. Thank you again for helping me get to this point in my secondary education studies.  Thank you very much.  Kimberley Harding – Lockyer District State High School

We the Year 12 graduates of Lowood State High, would like to show our absolute appreciation of your confidence in us and willingness to contribute to our education. As anyone knows, the cost of fees, books, materials, and living expenses are daunting whilst at school. The Scholarships we received from QATSIF were essential in helping us achieve our educational goals.  We would like to thank you personally for your generosity. Without Scholarship Patrons willing to support education for Indigenous students such as ourselves, we would find it difficult to pursue a graduate education. Your Scholarship has helped us achieve credentials in our high school education which we hold close to our hearts and will value in our futures. Once again, thank you for the vote of confidence, the QATSIF Scholarships and your commitment to our education. We hope to become individuals that make your institution proud, epitomising all of the values your organisation stands for. Yours respectfully, Amarah Fiori, Kayla Rose-Anne Wilson, Kasey-Lee Joy Connors, Thomas Bruce Broad, Matthew Sheppard – Laidley State High School

Thank you from the students of Harristown State High School

Thank you from the students of Harristown State High School