Round 9 Applications are Now Open!

If you are a new school, you must first create a QATSIF account before beginning the QATSIF Round 9 Application. To do this, click the button below and press register. 

If you have previously made a QATSIF account, you may use the same username and password to login. 

Applications close Monday 28 August 2017. Please be reminded that no extensions are possible.

QATSIF Round 9 is Coming

Following requests from some Boarding Schools intending to have students complete the Student Declaration Forms with their families during the next holiday break, QATSIF has made the Student Declaration Form available to all Queensland Secondary schools early. Please click the button below to download the Student Declaration Form.

Without the completed QCE Scholarship applicant declaration form uploaded at the time of submission of your school’s Round 9 QATSIF application, the student’s nomination cannot be considered.

Round 9 of the QATSIF QCE Scholarship Program will open on 21 June 2017 and close on 28 August 2017.

Schools will be able to access the QATSIF Round 9 QCE Scholarship online application form on 21 June 2017 through the QATSIF website.

It is recommended that students provide you with copies of documentation confirming Aboriginality or Torres Strait Islander heritage. Please also ensure that your school has a good working relationship with your local Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Elder (not a parent nor staff member). Please also ensure that you have engaged the parents/families/guardians of prospective applicants prior to the application to:

1)      Informing them about QATSIF

2)      Advise of eligibility requirements for scholarships

3)      Explain how the QATSIF funds can be used and how your school will administer the                  program.

Please be wary of completing the application immediately when it opens. It may be worthwhile holding off until after students have received their Semester 1 School Report. We recommend that you do not finalise your Application until approximately two weeks prior to the Closing Date to enable students’ eligibility to be assessed as late as possible.

Please click the button below to view the latest QATSIF newsletter. We hope that your school will be able to attend and participate in future QATSIF events included in the newsletter information.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further enquiries.